Biovin PVC Tube

PVC Tube for Electronic Lettering Machine    
Due to physical size and packing constrain Maximum 6 boxes per order
Tube Size:      
ID2.5 mm for LP 1.0 mm2 wire. Length 200 m    
ID 3.2 mm for LP1.5 mm2 wire. Length 200 m     
ID 3.6 mm for LP 2.5 mm2 wire. Length 200 m    
ID 4.2 mm for LP 4.2 mm2 wire. Length 200 m    
ID 4.5 mm for LP 4.5 mm2 wire. Length 160 m    
ID 5.2 mm for LP 6.0 mm2 wire. Length 140 m    
ID 6.4 mm for LP 7.0 mm2 wire. Length 100 m    
Rohs compliance      
Colour: White      
PVC tube rolled into bobbin, the bobbin packed into box with window, 
enable user consuming the PVC tube by roll out the PVC tube
 from box’s window without remove the PVC tube.  
By this way the PVC tube can be stored with clean dust free condition. 
The shining PVC surface enable printing result appeared very clear.

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