Biovin Tape

Tape for Biovin S650E/S700E Electronic Lettering Machine    
LS-06Y – 6 mm Tape Yellow colour          
LS-06W – 6 mm Tape White colour          
LS-06S – 6 mm Tape – Silver colour          
LS-09Y – 9 mm Tape Yellow colour          
LS-09W – 9 mm Tape White colour          
LS-09S – 9 mm Tape – Silver colour          
LS-12Y – 12 mm Tape Yellow colour          
LS-12W – 12 mm Tape White colour          
LS-12S – 12 mm Tape – Silver colour          
Length: 8 Meters          
Storage: environment temperature 30°C and below      
Recommended shelve life 2 yeas          
Tape size available are 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm.      
Tape is specially for Biovin Electronic Lettering Machine       
 for labelling purposes,           
this is high quality tape provide clear printed        
 result with shining finishing.          
Standard length per cassette is 8 meters length.      
Available standard colours are White colour, Yellow Colour and Silver Colour    

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