Biovin S700E

PC Interface S700E can be connected to PC by USB cable.
Equipped with application software "Biovin PC Editor"
Data prepared on PC can be down loaded to the Lettering Machine for printing tubes and tapes
Output Rate Printing speed 25mm per second. With half-cut operation able to print 35 pcs of 20mm length tube per minute. 40 pcs of 20mm length tube per minute. Maximum number of characters input 1000 characters. 99 blocks High efficiency batch printing
Resolution 300dpi 300 dpi high resolution printing produce clear, sharp and durable lettering
Build-in Storage 1GB Large build-in storage memory. Store up to 128 files
Adjustable Cutting Depth Adjustable cutting Depth enhance the life spend of half cutter unit
Thermal Head Special coating enhance the life spend of thermal head
Language English & Chinese languages switching by a single button.

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